Landed Property in Orchard Road Singapore for Sale

Legacy built on inspiration

Legacy built on inspiration

Landed Property in Orchard Road Singapore for Sale


Perseverance, drive, ambition, creativity – all hallmarks of the discerning few who are not only successful, but also understand and appreciate what it means to be successful. Immerse in and reflect on your success in a lifestyle nurtured by distinctive features in this Singaporean freehold property.



We’re always open to collaborating with sustainable and ethical businesses and eco-conscious individuals, and we hope that you’ll enjoy getting involved in the projects and initiatives that we have created.

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    Generally, the land price in Singapore falls between $1.5 million to $50 million, depending upon its location.

    Anyone can purchase freehold property in Singapore but will be imposed Additional Buyer Stamp duty(ABSD) charges of 20% on your property. If you are Singapore PRs, these charges fall between 5% to 15%. One tree hill collection is open to Singapore citizens only.

    Foreigners can not buy landed property in Singapore. There is a long list of properties that foreigners can buy. Hence, US CITIZENS are restricted from buying landed property in Singapore.